Where does BOBO the Penguin come from?

BOBO the Penguin is an unusual bird.

He loves the mountains and it therefore goes without saying that he can ski. BOBO the Penguin loves the winter, the snow and the cold weather. He prefers to be outside - only very rarely, when it's bitterly cold, will he choose to be inside in the warm. Because BOBO the Penguin likes spending time with children, he likes everything that children like. BOBO the Penguin's favourite food is fish, with a portion of ice-cream for dessert. He has great fun skiing, especially if there are lots of children with him. And even though he might sometimes fall over: a real skiing penguin just shakes the snow from his feathers and keeps on going!

How it all started...

The idea was developed by children for children, in collaboration with education professionals.

Five different characters were designed (a bear, a marmot, a kangaroo, a hare and a penguin), and provided to an Innsbruck preschool for one month for the children to play with. The penguin was the clear favorite, and was spontaneously christened BOBO by one of the children. This was the starting point for developing the system.